Alexei Sidelnikov

Selected works

Alexei Sidelnikov is a designer and UI engineer based in Munich.

Working at the intersection of product design and brand identity.

He's had a privilege to work with 15+ companies such as Metaio, Starbucks, Vodafone, Qubus Hotels, and Lower Silesian Philharmonic.


Online shopping easier, faster and safer.

Lamborghini Huracán

Amplify connection with the product. Intuitevely discover all the details about the new Huracán.
Immerse customers with AR experience at the show stage.
Configure your dream car right now and see it from any angle.


Premier Augmented Reality Event for industry leaders, tech companies and brands.


Cryptoberg is the communication tool to take control of your privacy.

Rafael Decoration

State-of-the-art interior stucco made of gypsum reinforced with fibres.
Traditional Plaster Mouldings catalogue. Over 100 pages carefully designed with classic proportions.

Photorealistic illustrations. 1734 products photographed and retouched by hand.

Alexei is a leading designer and UX expert working at Cliqz GmbH on browser development.

Interested in innovation and delightful experiences.

Excited to work with professionals on projects that change the way we live and work.